Did you know – your skin needs winterizing too?

Winter is upon us!  Everyone knows that you need to winterize your outdoor pipes, your landscaping, your boat, etc., but did you know, that you also need to winterize your skin?  However, unlike your boat or your pipes, you can't do this just once, but need to take special care of your skin all winter long.  If you don't, you may experience something similar to what happened to our son. Last night when he stopped by for a visit, he showed us his hands that were very red and dry, with cracked Continue reading >>

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to the inaugural post to my new blog: The Quart Jar Kitchen. All of the products I sell are handcrafted in my own kitchen.  And while it is certainly true that I am very much into wholesome and healthy skin care products, I also care very much about the food that I serve to my family. In this blog I will write about tips that I have discovered that have helped me to live a more healthy and sustainable life.  This includes how to prepare simple, healthy and tasty meals for less expense Continue reading >>