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These blog posts share things that I have learned about skin care, skin care products and their ingredients, and the skin care industry.

Ingredient to Avoid: “Microbeads”

Be good to the environment and your health and avoid skincare cleansing products and toothpastes that contain "microbeads". These microbeads are made from plastic and when you rinse them off your skin they go right down the drain and head to your local water reclamation plant. The same thing is happening when you wash apparel and blankets made from fleece.  Small plastic particles are being released from the man made fabric and heading down your drain. These tiny plastic beads and plastic particles Continue reading >>

Common Myths About Skin Care Products

Before I started to do my own research on skin care products and their ingredients, I think I would have believed all 9 of the myths listed below.  Even after I started to look into this space I was at first skeptical about some of these claims.  But the deeper I dug, the more I realized that these really are just myths, and that it's vital that consumers learn the truth.  One organization that I have learned to trust and whose material I frequently consult is the Environmental Working Group or Continue reading >>

What’s That Smell?

Many skincare products are known for their unique fragrance or scent. But what ingredients are being used to give them that smell?  The truth is we don't know and don't even have the legal right to know.  We consumers are being kept in the dark when it comes to really knowing what ingredients are used to create scent in mainstream consumer products. While shopping recently, I found a popular and well-known body lotion with these listed ingredients (please note all the chemicals): WATER, GLYCERIN, Continue reading >>

Did you know – your skin needs winterizing too?

Winter is upon us!  Everyone knows that you need to winterize your outdoor pipes, your landscaping, your boat, etc., but did you know, that you also need to winterize your skin?  However, unlike your boat or your pipes, you can't do this just once, but need to take special care of your skin all winter long.  If you don't, you may experience something similar to what happened to our son. Last night when he stopped by for a visit, he showed us his hands that were very red and dry, with cracked Continue reading >>