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These blog posts educate and inform my readers on matters pertaining to the food industry, food industry regulation (or lack thereof), significant food industry practices, and things that consumers need to be aware of.

If Low-Fat Foods are Bad, What Should We Eat?

This is the second of a two-part blog post written by my husband, Dave. In last week's post I described how some pretty shaky science known as "the lipid hypothesis" came to be widely accepted as fact, and how this, combined with political and financial pressure from the food industry, led to our becoming a nation obsessed with low-fat foods.  After decades of our eating this way (and actually getting both fatter and sicker) it is now clear that the lipid hypothesis is bogus.  But that begs Continue reading >>

How Low-Fat Foods Led to a Fatter America

Hello all, this week’s blog post is coming from my husband, Dave. (He was complaining about being stuck in the shipping department, so I figured I would let him have a turn at doing a blog post.) With the onset of World War II, the rates of heart disease in America suddenly dropped.  Then, when the war was over, the rate of heart disease immediately jumped back up again.  Doctors and nutritional scientists searched hard to try and understand what was causing this. Epidemiologists also noted Continue reading >>

Salt Sugar Fat

If you have an inquisitive mind about food like I do, then you will find this book Salt Sugar Fat by Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter Michael Moss very informative. He tells how the Food Giants have us hooked on their processed packaged foods. Moss explains how the food scientists who work for these companies have carefully calculated  our "bliss" point for sugar, our "mouth-feel" for fat, and how they can "pump" up the salt level to make sure we can't eat just one of their chips. Even Continue reading >>