Mary Ann AndersenHello, my name is Mary Ann. I have spent years learning how to care for my family in a healthy, nutritious and sustainable manner. I am a wife, mother of four grown and married children, and grandmother of seven who lives on an organic hazelnut and walnut farm in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon.  I am excited for the opportunity to use this blog to share things that I have learned over the years about happy, healthy and sustainable living.

My husband and I also run a small business handcrafting and selling my own line of skin care products.  Several years ago I started reading the labels on beauty products and doing research on the listed ingredients.  I was shocked to learn that mainstream beauty products routinely contain chemical ingredients that may be toxic, carcinogenic and disruptive to human hormones.  Unable to find commercial skin care products that were completely chemical-free, safe and effective on my own sensitive skin I taught myself how to make my own products using only pure, natural and organic ingredients.  And unlike other “natural” skin care manufacturers who seem to pride themselves on the sheer number of ingredients they cram into their products, I like to keep things simple and basic – using just the ingredients that are truly necessary for a lovely and effective product.

You can find out more about our my skincare products at: www.MaryAnnsNaturals.com and you can purchase our products online at www.amazon.com/shops/MaryAnnsNaturals

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