Ingredient to Avoid: “Microbeads”

Be good to the environment and your health and avoid skincare cleansing products and MicrobeadPics2toothpastes that contain “microbeads”. These microbeads are made from plastic and when you rinse them off your skin they go right down the drain and head to your local water reclamation plant.
The same thing is happening when you wash apparel and blankets made from fleece.  Small plastic particles are being released froMicroBeadPics1m the man made fabric and heading down your drain.

These tiny plastic beads and plastic particles are ending up in high concentrations in our rivers, lakes, and oceans and into the stomachs of fish and other aquatic animals.  This is not healthy for the fish or for the people consuming them.

You may be wondering how this is happening. Our water reclamation plants are not equipped to filter out these tiny plastic particles.  It would take years and a lot of money to retrofit these plants to do so.

Let us do our part and be responsible consumers and avoid purchasing products that contain harmful ingredients.

Your husbands fishing may depend on it!