Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to the inaugural post to my new blog: The Quart Jar Kitchen.

All of the products I sell are handcrafted in my own kitchen.  And while it is certainly true that I am very much into wholesome and healthy skin care products, I also care very much about the food that I serve to my family.

In this blog I will write about tips that I have discovered that have helped me to live a more healthy and sustainable life.  This includes how to prepare simple, healthy and tasty meals for less expense than you would have guessed. I will also share with you things that I have learned about what our mainstream packaged/processed food and skin care products are made from, how they are produced, and why our country’s regulatory agencies are not leading the charge to protect consumer health.

If all goes according to plan, I will be making posts to this blog on a weekly basis, with occasional guest posts from my husband and others.

Oh, and the reason why this blog is called Quart Jar Kitchen is because I love glass jars and use them all throughout my kitchen in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

Glass jars are reusable, very sustainable, dishwasher safe, stain proof, have no odors, don’t leach anything into food, are easy to pack, allow you to see what’s in them, often have built-in measuring marks, facilitate good portion control, and are inexpensive. If you come to my kitchen, here is a sampling of what you will see:


Jars in the cupboard

Jars in the cupboard


Jars in the fridge

Jars in the fridge

Here’s a tip: If you are going to freeze a liquid in a quart jar, make sure that it has a wide mouth and no shoulders (like most regular mouth jars have).  As the liquid freezes it expands and will break a jar that has shoulders. Wide mouth jars do not have this problem. Also, when filling your jar with liquid remember to leave at least 1.5 – 2 inches of clearance for expansion.

I hope you will check back each week for my latest blog post and leave comments, including questions and suggestions.

~Mary Ann


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  1. How fun to google your name and find this neat website! You and Dave photograph very well…you look like people that offer seminars or that type of thing. I look forward to reading more at Quart Jar Kitchen.

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